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Best of Show: Nautel GV Series

New line of solid state transmitters are HD Radio-compatible

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The new GV series of high-power solid-state transmitters from Nautel can scale from 3.5 kW to 80 kW.

Features include HD Radio compatibility and high digital efficiency. The company says that its HD PowerBoost technology is built in.

Operational capabilities include RDS/RBDS encoding, SCA encoding, IP Audio I/O, USB audio input and PushRadio scheduler/playlists, automatic loss of signal failover, MPX over AES support and LiveWire support. Onboard Modulation Error Ratio instrumentation includes oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to help the PhoneHome self-diagnostic and analysis program.

Each GV transmitter has an LCD touchscreen for Nautel’s Advanced User Interface. Like other Nautel transmitters, the GV can be operated remotely via IP. Nautel’s Orban Inside processing is an option.

Shown in blue Nautel shirts, from left, are John Whyte, Brian Walker, Mike Woods and Chuck Kelly.