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BIAS Breaks Out Plug-Ins

Master Perfection Suite elements are available separately

Audio processing software developer BIAS has broken down its Master Perfection Suite and made available all six plug-ins separately.

Repli-Q is a linear phase spectral matching/balancing plug-in.

Sqweez-3/Sqweez-5 are three-band and five-band, respectively, compressors and dynamics processors. A digital clip ceiling detector is included.

PitchCraft is a pitch correction/transposition tool.

Reveal is an analysis tool with oscilloscope, spectrogram, spectral analyzer, Lissajous phase scope, RMS level meter, amongst others.

SuperFreq has four-, six-, eight- and 10-band paragraphic EQs. Filters include peak, notch, low-shelf, high-shelf, low-cut and high-cut.

GateEx is a gate and downward expander. The plug-ins are available for Mac and Windows systems, RTAS/AudioSuite or VST.

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