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BlueKeeper Keeps Users ‘Out of the Blue’

User Report: School Station Uses Bluetooth Technology and Cell Phones for Remotes

Radio World publishes User Reports on products in various equipment classes throughout the year to help potential buyers understand why a colleague made a given equipment choice. These User Reports are unpaid testimonials written by users who have already purchased the gear. Radio World Product Evaluations, by contrast, are freelance articles by a paid reviewer who typically receives a demo loaner.

ROMEOVILLE, Ill. — After experimenting with JK Audio’s BlueKeeper device, I see how this piece of equipment would make a significant impact in the world of radio broadcasts.

The most important thing in broadcasting is versatility. Given how technology is reducing the size and amount of equipment needed to put on broadcasts, the more functions one piece can perform, the better, making it that much more valuable.

WLRA(FM) runs a special program in the fall, “Friday Night Lights.” Our station’s most successful program goes on location every Friday night for 14 weeks broadcasting a local high school football game. The program showcases great local talent and helps develop a more intimate connection with our surrounding cities. It is unique because it helps establish such a strong personal feeling with our listenership.

The BlueKeeper is a wonderful tool for “Friday Night Lights.” During the week of preparation, I can use it to record interviews from the studio with coaches, players and beat reporters. I can also take it with me to the venues and use it in the press boxes. There are many functions that can be harnessed in one device.

Perhaps the best function is the ability to record interviews from my cell phone using a microphone headset. I used the Bluetooth technology of my LG enV3 phone and connected my headphones and input devices directly into the BlueKeeper. If need be, I also could use JK Audio’s RemoteMix Sport device to add additional headsets.

The sound quality is wonderful with the BlueKeeper. There are stereo inputs and outputs on the back of the unit, so MP3 recordings can be managed on location. The small, compact unit makes everything involved in remote broadcasting and recording interviews much simpler. It will make my job in the fall easier and improve the quality of our shows.

The author is general manager of WLRA(FM) at Lewis University.

For information, contact Joe Klinger at JK Audio in Illinois at (815) 786-2929 or