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Broadcast Devices Releases 8/16 Switcher

Passive switcher can handle multiple roles

RF support equipment manufacturer Broadcast Devices Inc. has announced the availability of an 8- or 16-channel passive A/B switcher.

This multipurpose device can cover many duties in a facility such as basic audio routing, emergency multipair backup switcher, 7/5.1 audio monitor selector, emergency studio switcher, emergency router bypass switcher, emergency digital console switchover and whatever else can be dreamed up.

BDI helpfully notes, “Because the 8/16 switcher is passive in its switching function signals can be mixed in one switcher to include analog or digital audio and control signals.”

If more than 16 pairs are involved multiple units can be linked. It is shielded against RFI and its onboard power supply is designed for “harsh electrical environments,” while also being flexible enough to handle foreign power systems.

The interfaces are Tascam 25-pin. XLR and BNC adapters are available.