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BSI Is App-tastic

Op-X and WaveCart get iPad apps plus the Stinger

Broadcast software developer BSI has a trio of new iPad apps based on its Op-X, WaveCart and Stinger platforms.

The Op-X app looks and operates a lot like the Op-X radio automation system that’s on the big studio-based system. The idea behind the app is to put the Op-X system onto the road and interface with the home studio or into home voice tracking studios.

The WaveCart app is based on the latest WaveCart 5.0 Pro live assist program. The app allows remote control of a WaveCart system, from the station or the road via the Internet.

The same can be said for the Stinger Mini app. Based on the Stinger clip player live assist program, the Stinger Mini app (shown) allows up to 72 trigger buttons to be crammed onto the screen. The GUI can be customized as well.