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Burk Upgrades ARC

A touchscreen controller is now available

Burk Technology has many variations for its remote control system devices. The latest is a touchscreen controller, the ARC Plus Touch.

The ARC Plus Touch transmitter remote control (shown) features a full-color LCD touchscreen for on-site monitoring and control. It includes built-in macros, virtual channels, Web/smartphone interface and all Version 3 ARC Plus software upgrades.

Burk says it is compatible with all Plus-X and PlusConnect Ethernet I/O devices. A voice/DTMF dial-in and dial-out is available with ESI Plus optional telephone interface hardware.

Also new for Burk is the Plus-X RP-8 Adapter. This adapter connects up to eight existing Sine RP-8 interface panels to an ARC Plus Touch or an existing ARC Plus system via LAN/WAN. The company says that it allows an easy, cost-effective upgrade to ARC Plus from Sine by eliminating rewiring.

NAB Show Booth: C1727