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Burk Watches the Environment

New Plus-X EM series interfaces with monitor modules and ARC Plus

Following in the racksteps of the Burk Climate Guard are the new Plus-X EM series rack-mountable environmental monitors, the Plus-X EM32 and Plus-X EM64. The EM series works with Burk’s ARC Plus transmitter remote control system.

Like the Climate Guard, they use simple networkable environmental modules (or motion sensors, door contacts, etc.) to monitor an environment remotely.

The EM series monitors environments, can send logs, charts and provide warnings and alarms when selected conditions are met or exceeded. The unit is 1 RU in size.

Available modules include temperature sensor, humidity sensor, flood detector, smoke detector, motion sensor, door contact and tilt sensor. Expansion modules allow for the rigging of up to 64 sensors in a daisy chain. Each base model has three onboard sensors (temperature, light and sound).