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Burn, HHB Baby, Burn

HHB launches CD Burner

In something of a retro move, HHB has released a new, old-fashioned rackmounted CD burner.

The CDR-882 is a dual-well burner utilizing above-average consumer CD drives, according to HHB. The steel case is also heavy-duty for vibration dampening.

Conversion is 24-bit and a sample rate converter will handle 32–96 kHz. As a tip of the hat towards its professional market, XLR connectors, digital AES/EBU and analog, are included, along with optical S/PDIF and the obligatory RCA.

HHB New Product Development Manager Simon Burges said, “CD remains a widely-used format in broadcast, music recording and archiving so recording accuracy and data integrity continue to be important issues.”