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Ampegon Puts Focus on Shortwave Transmitters

Highlights progress on the company’s third-generation solid-state shortwave transmitters

Ampegon Power Electronics highlights progress on the company’s third-generation solid-state shortwave transmitters, which it says will offer “significant advances in efficiency.”

The company says this work will pave the way toward higher-power broadcast outputs and meet current expectations of a shortwave equivalent to medium-wave and FM transmitters. “Combined, these two developments will bring FM-quality broadcasts with all the benefits of shortwave,” said Simon Keens, Ampegon sales and business development manager.

Ampegon has also developed a retrofit upgrade to current UCS generation control systems for previous generation 100 kW, 250 kW, 300 kW and 500 kW transmitter systems.

“Given that the lifetime of Ampegon transmitters is measured in decades, many systems currently in operation — previous ECAM and ECOS-II generation transmitters supplied under the names Thales or Thomson (Ampegon’s previous names) — either do not have DRM-ready control systems, or have a need for now-obsolete spares,” said Keens.

The upgrade promises to bring touchscreen technology, efficient PSM operations and “quick and precise” retuning with digital motor control to existing transmitters.

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