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Dishing Out Sonic Hugs With Omnia.11 v4.0

The Fish is hooked on its FM processor from Telos Alliance

Radio World Buyer’s Guide articles are intended to help readers understand why their colleagues chose particular products to solve various technical situations. This month’s articles focus on products for audio processing.

“Omnia.11 just reaches out and gives the listeners a big hug when they tune in. It does.”

So says CJ Jackson, chief engineer for Salem Media Group’s WFSH(FM) 104.7 The Fish in Atlanta.

“I’ve used, and sometimes modded, virtually every processing chain over my career — ranging from the famous ‘Black Box’ to gear from what seems to be about a third of the alphabet when I think about it. For FM and HD, the Telos Alliance Omnia.11 is my go-to for all formats.”

CJ Jackson, chief engineer for WFSH, in front of the Omnia.11

Jackson finds that many processors have one overall personality, and when you want something different, you are out of luck. 

“With an Omnia.11, especially when updated to v4.0, I can tame the always-hard-to-process CCM format, give a news-talk show that warm high-TSL AM sound, or make a classic rocker jump out of the radio. If I need to ‘crank it up,’ well, Omnia.11 is a champion of taking it to 11, and it still sounds clean.”

He also finds it easy to dial in a station’s unique on-air personality. 

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An added benefit is that Omnia.11 works well with the Voltair Monitor and Processor from Omnia’s sister brand 25-Seven, as it has the optimum patch point. 

Omnia.11 simplifies other air-chain workflows too. “Taking AES 192 into my new Nautel? Done. Composite into another transmitter? Done. Audio input failover? Done. Lock my presets? Done.”

He recommends it for stations in any market, whether a regional flamethrower or a Class A.  

Paul McLane is editor in chief of Radio World, which he joined in 1996, directing the editorial content of 32 annual print issues, almost 100 ebooks, daily newsletters, and webcasts and special projects. He has interviewed directors of engineering, FCC chairs, national radio personalities and corporate executives about digital radio, connected cars, industry standards and other topics. Prior to RW he was an award-winning broadcast journalist and technology sales/marketing executive.