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Five Forty Deploys Iqoya Talk

Portable IP audio codec from Digigram is an “all-in-one solution”

In Radio World’s Aug. 3 issue, the Buyer’s Guide section focuses on audio transport, including codecs and STLs.

Andy Rogers, the operations manager for Five Forty Broadcast Company’s WRGC/WBHN, said he relies on Digigram’s Iqoya Talk as his choice for remote broadcast of live sporting events for football, basketball and baseball in the Sylva, N.C., area. 

Before being introduced to the Iqoya Talk, the crew had to use three different pieces of equipment to accomplish the same tasks the Talk can do itself. 

With the previous setup, the team was only allowed one service provider through a third-party device, but with the Iqoya Talk, Rogers said he can install two SIM cards directly into the device, ensuring a failsafe for redundancy. 

No matter the level of technical understanding by talent in the field, Rogers can log into the web interface and control the Iqoya Talk remotely, allowing him to troubleshoot from anywhere at any time. 

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Operations Manager Andy Rogers, left, and station owner Roy Burnette use the Digigram Iqoya Talk for sports.

He called it an all-in-one solution. “I can be anywhere in the world, and if there’s a change that needs making, I can adjust it remotely without the need to communicate with the talent in the field,” he said. 

“I no longer have to troubleshoot with someone on the ground who isn’t a well-versed engineer. I have complete remote control and that is well worth the price of the product.”

The audio is streamed back to the studio to a Digigram Iqoya X/Link, allowing the mixing process to be seamless and fast through the Iqoya ecosystem, delivering a low-latency live broadcast directly to terrestrial radio, websites and mobile apps.