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R&M Broadcasting Chooses Arrakis

Dennis Maxwell and team will use Apex at all four stations

Radio World Buyer’s Guide articles are intended to help readers understand why their colleagues chose particular products to solve various technical situations. This month’s section focuses on automation, traffic and billing systems.

Dennis Maxwell is pictured in the Q-Lite 99.5 studio with Apex on the computer screen.

It was in the mid-1990s when the radio station that Dennis Maxwell was working for decided it was time to transition from turntables, cart machines and live deejays, to satellite automation. 

“Management at the station chose the Arrakis Digilink II system,” he recalled. 

“It was quite an adjustment for all of us, especially for those who had been spinning records since the early 1960s. Prior to starting college in 1971, I had worked a couple of years at this same station while still in high school in 1969. So I was pretty set in my ways as well. However, I was eager to try something new.”

He found the Digilink II easy to learn and dependable. “Plus, it allowed us to be on the air 24 hours a day.”
Fast-forward to 1999 when Maxwell helped form R&M Broadcasting. It hit the Sept. 1 of year with a Lite Rock station, Q-Lite 99.5/KHMB(FM). 

“We never considered any automation system other than Arrakis. We started out the Digilink IV, and transitioned to Digilink-Xtreme in 2006,” he said. 

“This system worked like a charm. We seldom ever had any issues with Xtreme, but if we did, the customer support staff was always quick to respond to help resolve the problem.”

A few years ago Maxwell began operating the other three stations in town, which were using another automation system. 

“Earlier this year my staff and I decided it was time to upgrade all four stations to the same system. Based on my almost 25 years of experience with Arrakis, it was an easy decision to go with their flagship automation system, Apex.”

The stations are in the process of transitioning to the new system. “I can tell we are going to love it. Arrakis Customer Success Specialist Melissa Freeman has gone above and beyond to help us install the system, and train us to use it.”

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