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User Report: Studio Technology Furnishes Hubbard in Cincinnati

Personal service and attention to detail please Queen City cluster

Studio Technology furniture at Hubbard Radio Cincinnati

The author is director of engineering for Hubbard Radio Cincinnati.

Choosing Studio Technology to produce the studio furniture for the new Hubbard Radio Cincinnati cluster was one of the easier decisions that we made in that project.

Vince Fiola, Studio Technology’s owner, made a trip in person, sitting down with the local staff and development team in the earlier planning stages. He came up with several preliminary furniture designs based on the needs and features requested from our staff. After some revisions and tweaks, we had a solid furniture plan for the 12 studios that were to be built.

Studio Technology created 3D renderings of the studio spaces and furniture. Those renderings were helpful for the programming staff to better visualize the furniture design and how it would look spatially.

During the early stages of the building construction, Vince came back on-site and we did a walkthrough of the studios. He took detailed measurements and marked out where cable conduit wall boxes should ideally be located. He worked directly with our architects and their CAD drawings to ensure the furniture would fit perfectly into each space.

Studio Technology also worked with our interior designer and operations manager on the specific materials, finishes, colors, etc. After the furniture was installed, we had realized we needed to make a couple additions in the on-air studios. Studio Technology was extremely helpful and consulted through what the best options would be. They made it happen.

The furniture look was superb, and its design is very functional. Me and my team enjoyed working with it. Having the ample space inside to manage cabling and the overall easy cabinet access was great. The on-air and programming staff enjoy it daily because they now have a workspace that fits their needs.

We have been very pleased with the furniture from Studio Technology on this project.

For information, contact Vince Fiola at Studio Technology at 1-610-925-2785 or [email protected].

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