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BW Broadcast Debuts Aptus

Sneak Peek: New transmitter has codec built in

This story have been updated to include the newly announced product name and to correct a potentially misleading headline.

The fellows at BW Broadcast have been a little cagey when it comes to a new transmitter line they are promising to debut at the NAB Show. They teased the market without revealing the name for several weeks. Finally they have settled on the name Aptus.

But they have been providing a list of some of the features of the new transmitter. It includes an onboard audio over IP codec, multiband processor, RDS encoder, stereo generator, silence detection and automatic switchover, onboard memory for backup, audio metering and analysis tools.

BW seems also to be particularly proud of the capacitive touchscreen front panel.

David Furey, a member of the BW Broadcast’s R&D team, avers that the new line “is unlike anything on the market at the moment.”

NAB Show Booth: C1311