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BW Broadcast Will Introduce Pro FM Tuners

RBRX1 is suitable for retransmission applications

BW Broadcast will show two new DSP-based analog FM tuners with features designed for professional use.

The company highlights the tuners’ RF and audio performance as well as access to typically hidden RF and audio settings. “This allows optimization of the listening experience whether used for monitoring radio stations to adjust processing, evaluating the competition, rebroadcasting or pure pleasure.”

Adjustments are provided for some 50 parameters, including audio bandwidth, IF, bandwidth, de-emphasis, stereo, HF and ultrasonic noise blending and blending attack/release times.

Adjustments, factory presets and user-stored settings can be accessed via Ethernet and serial connections.

For retransmission applications, the RBRX1 version adds DSP-enhanced MPX output that reconstructs a clean, peak-level and bandwidth-limited waveform, “eliminating worries about studio-transmitter link overshoots.”

RDS PI code checking prevents translators and repeaters from being hijacked or jammed. Plan B silence detection technology automatically switches from to either of the analog and AES/EBU digital inputs, or to the built-in flash memory to keep broadcasting in the event of reception loss.

NAB Booth: C3034