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Can You Game the Gamers?

NAB adds 'Alternate Reality and Video Game Day'

If you raise your head to look around beyond the somewhat insulated world of broadcast management, you might notice that recently the NAB Show has been linking to everything Internet, making overtures to filmmakers with their big screens and trying to figure the small mobile screen at the same time. All of these are “nontraditional” NAB convention subjects. Now the NAB Show is roping in gamers, too.

Alternate Reality and Video Game Day,” Thursday, April 23, will feature panel discussions and sessions looking at the video game and alternative massive multiplayer online worlds. Where and when will the broadcast world and this gamer world begin to merge? What are the similarities and the differences? Where can mutually beneficial collaboration begin? What lessons can each group teach the other?

Some of the sessions such as “Alternate Reality Games: Telling Stories from the New Frontier” expect to offer an angle onto new media, Internet social communities, nontraditional content creation and distribution — subject matter just edging onto broadcasters’ radars while “AFI Digital Content Lab: Game and TV Collaboration” will be a more straightforward discussion.

Sessions are free and open to NAB Show attendees.