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CGS Automation Automates Foul Weather Closings

Collects and distributes school, business, church and activity closings.
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(click thumbnail)CGS Automation’s CloseNow for Radio is a Web-based aggregator for collecting and disseminating weather-related closings and event cancellations.

CloseNow gathers information via phone calls or from password-protected input via the Web. Information is presented to station personnel and can be sent automatically to station Web sites.

Using the SnoGo module, automated e-mail alerts can then be sent to subscribing listeners. SnoGo is compatible with cell phones and pagers, too.

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Raduga: Automation for $649

Circa 1997, there were two simple and inexpensive Windows-based radio automation programs that were available to the average Joe: Raduga and Radio Wolf...Of these two, Radio Wolf has all but vanished, leaving Raduga left to mature, develop new features and slug it out with the upstart programs found on the Web today.