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Chinese Microphone Maker Enters the Market

Beijing-based MicW seeks expansion outside of China 

The story of China-based microphone makers is a familiar one: cranking out cheap knock-offs and copies of successful mics or dashing off ersatz original designs at dime store prices. All at wildly varying quality.

MicW, based in Beijing, says it is approaching the market at a different angle. A division of BSWA, an acoustic test and measurement company, MicW is developing microphones from proven acoustic measurement microphones of BSWA’s design and manufacture.

The mics are going to be aimed at live, recording and broadcast markets. Specifics hint at condensers with large- and small-diaphragm designs (which range from traditional pin-point style measurement mics to “pencil” mics to a group more resembling potato mashers), cardioids and omni patterns. According to a recent press release, prices will not necessarily be bargain basement.

The company says it is in discussion with distributors in Europe and is looking for companies to represent its products in the United States.