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Christmas Cheer in 5-, 15-, 30- & 60-Second Cuts

From traditional to kitschy and everything in-between, Christmas music beds have arrived at FirstCom

FirstCom Music, one of the larger music library producers, isn’t waiting for the last-minute Christmas rush to roll out its Christmas holiday seasonal music packages.

Ranging from traditional to goofy, Christmas-y to seasonal, pop to orchestral, lounge and jazz too, the 11 packages are aimed at promos, retail and bumpers or whatever else catches the fancy.

Radio World’s editor is particularly fond of a saucy package labeling itself as “A full frontal assault on holiday tradition, using cheese, power, a healthy dose of sarcasm and too much frosting.”

FirstCom has been around since 1980 and is based in jingle capital Dallas. In 1985, it released the first music production library on CD for use by radio stations and other industrial users.