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ChyronHego Highlights Visual Radio

The automated software solution delivers content to web, mobile, and TV platforms

Visual content is becoming more important to radio audiences, and radio stations are pressured to offer more than audio-only content, says ChyronHego. Adding that today’s radio listeners are vastly different from those of even just a decade ago — they consume media on their mobile devices and are used to doing everything at once: watching TV, browsing the web, chatting on their smartphones, and reading the latest news on the go.

ChyronHego’s Visual Radio is a tool that enriches audio content with synced video to transform a radio broadcast into a visual show. Designed for content delivery to web, mobile, and TV platforms, Visual Radio is a fully automated software solution.

By analyzing audio signals and XML data from the station’s existing automation system, Visual Radio automatically switches cameras, generates dynamic digital video effects, and plays graphics to air. In this manner, Visual Radio plays the role of a live director, freeing up presenters to do what they do best — putting on entertaining radio shows.