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Clark Upgrades 700 Series cable

New jacket and core construction let cable step out

Clark Wire & Cable has an improved version of its 700 Series multipair, multipurpose audio cable.

According to Clark, improvements include a new thermoplastic elastomer jacket that should help flexibility and abrasion resistance while meeting applicable UL listings for harsher installation environments.

The 700 Series offers 4–24 balanced audio pairs, 22 AWG tinned copper conductors within a polypropylene dielectric insulation. Pairs are color-coded and alphanumerically marked. A bonded foil RF/EMI shield is used, as well as a tinned copper drain wire.

Product Marketing Manager Scott Fehl said by improving the flexibility and UL listing, the snake cables can be used in more applications. He cited a “significantly improved” jacket compound as well as core construction that improves flexibility and allows for use in permanent environments such as walls, raceways and conduit.