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Clean Up That Mess!

Quick and easy noise remover from iZotope

Noise reduction in audio recordings can be a dark art. Depending upon the tools available, sometimes it works and it’s magic, and other times it just can’t seem to find the annoying noise.

Expensive multiband noise reduction systems will do the trick but are not practical for a radio station or even a small cluster. So reliance upon inexpensive software packages is the path most choose.

The latest in these packages arrives from a company noted for its audio restoration and processing talents, iZotope. Music & Speech Cleaner tips the wallet scale at under $40. As typical there are a number of function buttons labeled with duties such as “Reduce Hum,” “Reduce Pops” and “Enhance Voice.” These have simple sliders for increasing or decreasing the effect.

A waveform monitor allows for some control on where to apply the various processes. Compatible with Windows (including Windows 7) and Mac.

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