Clear Channel and 2wcom Work Together for Satellite Receiver

Two model families available, one with onboard memory and IP input
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Clear Channel Satellite has teamed up with German broadcast equipment 2wcom to build a line of satellite receivers for radio use.

Called the XtremeSat Media Content Receivers, there are two model families available, MCR-100 and MCR-200. Each family offers a single-channel and a multichannel member.

According to Monty Dent, sales manager for Clear Channel Satellite, the new receivers are aimed at “small to medium-sized networks with the equipment built to the highest quality standards for many years of reliable service.”

Built on a Linux-based server, all models share certain basics: DVB-S2 tuner, Ethernet interface, SNMP messaging, HE-AAC and AAC-LC, along with MPEG 1 layers II and III and MPEG 4, onboard RDS/UECP decoder and output for handling RDS, PAD and other ancillary data services, eight network cue relays, adjustable audio delay and audio switchover.

The MCR-200 level models add 4 GB of onboard SD card memory, an IP audio input, regional spot insertion and program and cued recording for delayed playback.