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Codec Line Is the Focus for Mayah

SIP protocol for automation of IP audio connections emphasized

Mayah Communications will show its professional audio codecs.

The C11 product family are “ultra small” codecs that provide audio over IP based on the EBU N/ACIP standard using Ethernet or 3G networks, as well as support ISDN, ASI and POTS. It is stackable in standard racks and offers a choice of coding algorithms from G.711/G.722 via Eapt-X and Linear to AAC ELD. In the advanced models an audio logging or playback to/from a local storage media is available.

Also shown will be Sporty, Mayah’s new portable reporter codec, a tool for live reports, voice-overs, radio interviewers and commentators. It supports audio transmissions over Ethernet/IP, UMTS/3G, WLAN/Wi-Fi, ISDN and POTS with direct audio logging to SD card or USB stick, and automation of audio-over-IP connections in compliance with SIP/RTP per EBU standards.

And the Flashman II portable recorder/codec will be on display. It provides two professional mic/line XLR inputs for recording to SD card or USB Stick in advanced and conventional audio formats. Simultaneous live transmission can be provided over Ethernet/IP, UMTS/3G, WLAN/Wi-Fi with SIP/RTP per EBU Audio-over-IP standards.

All audio codecs from Mayah now support SIP protocol for automation of IP audio connections.

Booth: N5414