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Comrex Offers a Trio of New Products

Sneak Peek: Codecs for audio and video, along with a phone system

Comrex, celebrating its 50th year and known for its codecs, is releasing three products in what an announcement calls the company’s “biggest lineup of new products ever introduced at NAB.”

Alphabetically, the Access codec line has a new member, the Access 2USB Portable BRIC IP Codec. As can be imagined, the new codec has USB connectivity (two ports) and select 4G compatibility.

The LiveShot IP Video Codec is aimed at doing for video what Comrex’s codecs have done for audio. It mounts on a camera’s battery mount and can send data wirelessly (3G or 4G, Wi-Fi) or wired. It can also utilize an FTP server to store recorded material that is then forwarded to a destination.

The third product is an upgrade to the STAC phone system, the STAC VIP.

The VIP adds VoIP (and SIP) telephony advances to make the STAC telephone talkshow system compatible with VoIP PBXs, smartphones and even Skype. Comrex Technical Director Tom Hartnett stated: “STAC VIP will allow broadcasters to utilize these cost-saving VoIP and SIP services to put callers on the air that are full bandwidth, wideband voice calls that sound more natural, are easier to understand and less fatiguing to listen to.”

NAB Show Booth: C3207