Comrex Will Demonstrate Access Codec on Wireless Internet

Comrex Will Demonstrate Access Codec on Wireless Internet
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Comrex said it will demonstrate its new Access Audio Codec on wireless Internet services.
The company will distribute a booklet about broadcasting over IP and demo what it describes as the first wideband audio codec to work reliably over most data networks including the public Internet. It is the first codec that uses the company's BRIC technology.
BRIC, it says, lets broadcasters use a variety of Internet access points to broadcast high-quality, real-time audio. It can use wired circuits like DSL, Cable, POTS and Frame, and wireless circuits like Wi-Fi, 1XRTT, EDGE and 3G data networks.
The company says Access provides reliable voice connections over IP; a stereo mode offers optimized performance on more stable circuits; and HE-AAC and AAC Low Delay are available for operation via managed data networks.
Access will be sold in rackable and portable models.
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