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Continental Adds to Transmitter Lineup

'This has been an interesting development in reverse engineering.'

While things digital might be a dominant topic of the NAB Radio Show, Continental Electronics also is offering something for analog fans, the 816R-7C transmitter.

The 816R-7C is a pure analog version of the 816HD-25, an analog/HD Radio model.

Mike Troje, sales manager for Continental Electronics, said: “This has been an interesting development in reverse engineering, as we normally migrate from analog to analog/HD systems. In this case, we already had a very successful HD system in the 816HD-25 transmitter, we just needed to modify it to analog-only operation and HD upgradability.”

The 816R-7C offers 44 kW, powered by a single Eimac 4CX20,000E tetrode. As noted it can be upgraded to also transmit an HD Radio signal.

Booth: 501.