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Cool Stuff: A Box for Low-Bitrate Broadcasters

DaySequerra Eclipse LBR4 Digital Radio Processor

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

DaySequerra targets this four-stream AES stereo audio processor to digital broadcasters. Its purpose is to improve audio performance of low-bitrate HD Radio multicasts, DAB and DRM channels with a “particular focus” on stereo at 24 kbps.

David Day, right, and Mark Seigle are excited to take the Eclipse on the road. Photo by Jim Peck

The Eclipse uses DTS Neural Loudness Measurement technology to provide loudness measurements and new psychoacoustic processing with look-ahead gain correction to make audio level adjustments that are transparent to listeners. DaySequerra says the proprietary codec pre-processing engine has been “specially tuned” for operation at 24 kbps, 32 kbps, 48 kbps and 64 kbps bit rates to reduce artifacts from lossy codecs and low-bitrate transmission significantly.