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Cool Stuff: Affordable, Low-Latency Video ENG

Comrex Corp. LiveShot Video IP Codec

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

Radio stations are evolving into multiplatform media providers, so we should expect to see more nontraditional products from manufacturers.

Comrex Corp. — 50 years old this year — usually can be found looking ahead. The company may have its eye on the TV market with the LiveShot Video IP Codec; but the product can also serve radio broadcasters who are serious about populating new content channels.

LiveShot uses the BRIC Technology found in other Comrex IP codecs; it attaches to a professional camera’s battery mount to get you on the air with live, real-time, low-latency video and audio, optimized to perform on 3G/4G cellular and satellite IP data networks. It also accommodates Wi-Fi and wired IP data connections.

Notably, a “store and forward” feature can capture, manage and send higher-resolution video to an FTP server when your live shot is done.

Features include video return, integrated IFB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interface. The system can be controlled and configured locally or remotely via the Comrex LiveShot Central server.

Chris Crump, at left in photo, warms up the pipes for his live shot, with Kelly Clark (front), Dave Christenson (rear), Tom Hartnett and Jim Godfrey in support. Photo by Jim Peck

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