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Cool Stuff: An iPhone Accessory for News People

Tieline Technology Mic Adapter

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

Tieline says its Report-IT Live codec app has had thousands of downloads since its release last summer, but that some users asked for a way to take advantage of the full dynamic range of the iPhone’s digital input.

So here’s a professional hardware Mic Adapter that allows a newsie to attach a pro dynamic microphone to an iPhone 4 for newsgathering when using the Report-IT Live.

Another benefit: Newspeople who do field work want a “real” mic with a station flag, rather than a phone, if they’re going to be holding anything under the nose of, say, Duchess Kate or President Obama.

The adapter fits in the palm and allows the iPhone to record audio or broadcast live using a dynamic mic and two sets of headphones or ear buds.

Many mic interfaces, says the company’s Darren Levy, roll off quickly after 200 Hz. This one promises richer, warmer, low-frequency response.

Features include adjustable mic gain attenuation, auto gain control On/Off and stereo line-level input. It uses AAA batteries; it also has a mini-USB power input for iPhone charging during long broadcasts. It can also be used with other iPhone pro audio and audio/video apps.

Apple Accessory Certification is pending.

Shown: Mary Ann Seidler, Charlie Gawley, John Bisset and Darren Levy celebrate. Bisset, a Radio World contributor, does not participate in “Cool Stuff” judging. Photo by Jim Peck