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Cool Stuff: DB4004 FM Monitoring Receiver

Deva Broadcast keeps tabs on things for you

This week we’re highlighting winners of the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award:

Deva Broadcast, based in Bulgaria, is a relatively recent discovery for many U.S. engineers, but the DB4004 is actually its second-generation digital FM Radio Modulation Analyzer. It is a feature-rich, DSP-heavy RF tool.

Highlights include dual antenna ports with RF attenuator; up to 100 dBµV direct RF antenna input; selectable wide-range IF filter bandwidth; bright bargraph LED metering of modulation and pilot levels; total and independent Positive and Negative deviation bar graph; and Left, Right, L+R, L–R bar graph LED audio level meters. A built-in oscilloscope represents observed signal change over time and helps you visualize what’s going on; a complementary spectrum analyzer allows further useful analysis.

The box also offers levels measurement with data history; selectable e-emphasis (off, 50 µs and 75 µs); stereo decoder; real-time audio program streaming; 50-channel data logger; and a bunch more including Apple and Android device support. The OLED display is easy to read; the menu is simple to navigate.