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Cool Stuff: Display It Again, SAM

Henry Engineering Stereo Audio Monitor

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

Henry’s Stereo Audio Monitor is a digital/analog stereo level and phase meter that uses patent-pending Single Stereo Display technology to display both channels of a stereo audio signal using just one LED meter.

In the booth, Hank Landsberg and Mike Callaghan “display it again.” Photo by Jim Peck

“The Single Stereo Display utilizes tri-color LEDs, showing the Left channel in green, the Right channel in Red, and both (L+R) channels displayed in yellow,” Henry says. “By watching the Single Stereo Display, an observer can easily read the levels of both audio channels, see the balance between the channels, and instantly see if a channel is missing.

“SAM uses a second Single Stereo Display to show the Sum (L+R) and Difference (L–R) components of a stereo signal. An observer can instantly see if excessive L–R levels could indicate phase error or a polarity reversal in the audio chain. SAM’s display is easier to read than a vectorscope, especially for a non-technical observer.”

The unit accepts an AES/EBU digital input or analog inputs. It indicates system levels over a range of –25 to +3 VU. A headphone jack is provided for aural monitoring.