Cool Stuff: Investing in FM Transmission

Harris Broadcast Flexiva Air-Cooled FM Solid-State Transmitter
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This air-cooled VHF FM solid-state box is one platform that supports analog and global digital radio standards.

“Quad-mode operation supports FM, FM+HD Radio, HD Radio-only or DRM+ digital broadcasting, while the transmitter incorporates Harris Real-Time Adaptive Correction (RTAC) technology to optimize power and minimize adjacent-channel interference,” the company states.

Harris talks up the transmitter’s power efficiency and very high power density thanks to PowerSmart technology.

The company’s Rich Redmond said in the announcement, “Harris is investing in new transmitters and HD Radio broadcast infrastructure to help broadcasters deliver content more efficiently.”

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Flexiva comes in power levels up to 20 kW. In the booth: Geoff Mendenhall and Rich Redmond are shown. Photo by Jim Peck