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Cool Stuff: Latest Blade Looks Sharp

Wheatstone Corp. IP-88VE Audio Processing Blade

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

“VE” is for Vorsis Embedded. Audio processing meets networked digital audio technology in the IP-88VE, where eight three-band stereo audio processors are built into one rack space for use in a WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network.

Steve Dove, left, and Mike Erickson are shown configuring themselves dynamically. Photo by Jim Peck

Each processing chain consists of a four-band parametric equalizer followed by a crossover and three bands of compression. The compressors each feed their own limiters; their outputs are fed to a broadband lookahead limiter for peak control. The Blade has its own local I/O, with eight stereo pairs of AES Digital audio in and out, and can function as a standalone processing engine.

Blades can configure themselves as part of a new or existing WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network; thus the processing power becomes available throughout that network.

The IP-88VE is configured and controlled over Ethernet using a laptop or desktop computer. GUI Lite software is included for setup; power users can order optional GUI Pro, for access to individual processing parameters.

A routing matrix and routing control interface are included, as are two eight-channel stereo utility mixers that can be controlled by WheatNet-IP Navigator software or the new Sideboard control surface.