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Cool Stuff: Step Into the Stream

APT, WorldCast Systems Group SureStream Technology

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

APT promises that its SureStream technology delivers “the audio quality and reliability you expect from a T1/E1 link at a fraction of the associated cost.”

Shown: Left, from top: Christophe Poulain, Tony Peterle and Cedric Ferreira; right, Kevin Campbell, Fabricio Sanabria and Nicolas Boulay. Photo by Jim Peck

This technology frees up broadcasters who want to move to IP from having to insist on MPLS networks or guaranteed bandwidth. The manufacturer says one or two public IP links are enough to ensure continuity of service and of audio quality.

Testing, APT says, bears this out. “Across two separate ADSL links, which together suffered over 5,000 dropped packets and 12 connection losses, SureStream ensured that not a single packet was lost and the THD was 100 percent unaffected.”

SureStream has been implemented in the new WorldCast Horizon NextGen codec, shown, and is aimed at a variety of uses. For remote and outside broadcast applications you can run SureStream on an IP link from a single supplier; for a mission-critical STL, SureStream across two links from separate suppliers provides optimum redundancy.