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Cool Stuff: StreamOn Appliance

‘Plug and play’ device encodes audio; you provide power, Internet and audio

We’re profiling recipients of the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award:

Internet radio solutions provider StreamOn was created by a broadcaster, the OK Radio Group. Its offering to stations includes audio encoding, stream delivery, advertising tools and reporting.

A key component is the StreamOn Appliance, a solid-state “plug and play” device that encodes audio into formats such as AAC+ and Ogg Vorbis. You provide the power, Internet and audio.

The Appliance is intended to run without worries about viruses, security updates or system reboots. It operates on Unix and is housed in a passively cooled case; there are no fans or hard drives to fail.Thebox comes with audio processing from Omnia Audio built in.

HTTP Live Streaming divides audio into five-second chunks that are pushed to a listener throughout the listening session. Among other benefits, this helps in-car and mobile listeners who are moving between cellphone towers.

“Stichable” audio can be used to create podcasts automatically in real time. Listeners can hear content again right after it airs. The listener can share audio on social media with friends who can then tune in with one click.

The Appliance also addresses a problem in which replacement ads for Internet streams cut in at the wrong times due to varying metadata cues from station automation. StreamOn’s Smooth Spots Technology scans waveform audio looking for suitable transition points.