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Cool Stuff: Tieline Genie Distribution

It’s a codec for reliable operation over critical audio paths

About a winner of the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award:

It’s a codec on steroids, an IP multipoint audio distribution system with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual redundant power supplies and audio silence detection.

The box is designed for reliable operation over critical audio paths using LANs, WANs, the Internet, satellite IP and wireless networks. Use it for distributing up to six channels of audio between two points; stereo IP audio distribution to up to 50 individual multi-unicast endpoints; or IP multicasting to unlimited endpoints over compatible IP networks.

It is capable of 24 bit/96 kHz linear PCM audio with low latency. It comes with the low-delay E-aptX algorithm as well as LC-AAC, HE-AAC, Opus and numerous others. Features include Java-based Web browser GUI and optional WheatNet-IP interoperability.

You can stream simultaneous redundant data streams from both Ethernet ports and enjoy redundancy by switching back and forth without loss of audio if one fails and then recovers.