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Countryman Delivers New Headset Mic

H6 is small and flexible

Countryman, purveyor of small, unobtrusive mics often known for their fidelity, has introduced a headset, the H6.

The H6 is available in omni and directional patterns. It uses the tiny mic capsule of the Countryman E6, which specs at 20 Hz–20 kHz.

According to a release, the H6 “provides excellent moisture resistance: the entire headset can be placed underwater without being damaged.” It also notes that the connector for the extra-strong detachable cableemploys a double-sealed watertight container.

The headset itself is adjustable and flexible and anchors behind the ears with a neck wrap-around design. The H6 will be available in four colors: light beige, tan, cocoa and black.

Prices: H6 (omni) — $670; H6 (directional) — $720