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Cox Chooses Liquid-Cooled GatesAir Transmitter for WHPT

WHPT reduces carbon and physical footprint with the change

Cox Media Group has transitioned a second Florida FM radio station to high-efficiency liquid-cooled transmission technology from GatesAir, the manufacturer announced this week.

Sarasota’s WHPT(FM)’s GatesAir Flexiva FLX liquid-cooled solid-state transmitter went live on Nov. 3. The transmitter is now delivering 34 kW of FM and 1.3 kW of HD Radio. Earlier in 2016, Tampa station WSUN(FM) also installed a liquid-cooled Flexiva FLX.

“We see a strong potential for ROI when it comes to liquid-cooled technology in FM radio,” said Cox Media Group Senior Director of Engineering for Radio Roz Clark. “The capital investment, operational investment and electrical costs associated with moving heat around are reduced, as liquid can cool transistors far more effectively with air. We will pay a little more up front if there a realistic payback period that also reduces our carbon footprint.”

According to the release, the company has 50+ years of experience in liquid-cooling technology. Additionally, the announcement credits Cox Media Group with influencing GatesAir “to develop the FLX solid-state line given the success of liquid-cooling in TV transmission technology.”

The FLX uses a heat-to-liquid transfer process that efficiently removes heat from the RF plant, and reduces traditional air conditioning requirements and cooling costs — which are likely significant in Florida — GatesAir says. The integration of its low-noise pump modules within the cabinet may also be an attractive prospect for broadcasters looking to minimize the space needed for their RF plant.

The release noted that Cox’s parent company has made it a goal “to reduce waste and electricity use.”