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Crown Announces New Products

FMD-1 Exciter can be upgraded for HD

Crown Broadcast has debuted the FMD-1, shown, a 30 Watt rack-mounted digital FM exciter.

It features direct-to-channel digitally generated FM. It is frequency agile from 87.5 to 108 MHz in 10 kHz steps. Features include stereo generator, multiple AES digital audio inputs, balanced or unbalanced composite input, and three SCA baseband inputs. The FMD-1 is upgradeable to full HD.

Crown anticipates shipping another new offering, the CT-1 internal AM/FM receiver, intended for use in Crown units up to 600 Watts, in the third quarter.

The CT-1 is for translator use and has an adjacent-channel selectivity of 82 dB (noise limited). Its sensitivity is excellent with mono signal-to-noise levels of 50 dB with only 11.2 dBf of input signal. Stereo separation of 60 dB (60 dBf input signal) and distortion values better than .05 percent (60 dBf input signal in mono) make this tuner the best in its class. It is also compatible with any Crown translator or exciter.

Multiple user adjustments and settings, factory presets and on-board diagnostic tools are some of the features included in the tuner. The CT-1 also has a silence sense function and future HD FM capability.

Users of Crown Broadcast transmitters can add this as part of their renewal program.

And Crown has added the RMS-2 remote control. Based on the Broadcast Tools Site Sentinel 4 Web-based control, RMS-2 is compatible with all Crown transmitters in any configuration.