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DAD AX32 Supports 48 Analog Channels

Updates firmware for added flexibility, control

NTP Technology has added to the capabilities of its DAD AX32 AD/DA converter with version 1.3 firmware, which accommodates 48 channels of analog inputs outputs.

Six analog cards can be housed in the AX32. Each card slot accepts an eight-channel line-level A/D converter, eight-channel microphone input or eight-channel D/A converter with analog line output.

According to the company, version 1.3 adds the ability to control the sampling rate of the IP audio interface and full support for redundant IP audio connection, plus a word clock output feature.

All functionality is controlled from the DADman 4.0 with new features for channel strip management of all the channels, as well as an improved router matrix configuration.

Existing units can be upgraded, and new firmware for the Dante Brooklyn II IP audio card is also available. System configuration is flexible and includes IP Layer 3 Ethernet-based audio networking, says NTP.

Up to 48 full-bandwidth channels can be forwarded via the AX32 along a single Cat 5 cable using IP. The optional microphone preamplifier incorporates analog and digital gain control. Dynamic range of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion is 126 decibels. The preamplifier’s equivalent noise floor is -132 decibels.

The AX32 is equipped with AES/EBU and MADI inputs and outputs, plus a Dante interface.

The interface structure allows the analog-to-digital, digital-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters to be assigned to any digital interface, as well as patching on a channel-to-channel basis.

The AX32 can be controlled from the front panel, which interacts with four pushbuttons for adjustment of converter parameters. Remote control can be accomplished using DADman software or via Ethernet.

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