DAS Offers Free CAP Firmware Upgrade

Download is in anticipation of final federal regulations
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CAP is much in the news on the EAS front, with final FEMA/FCC CAP requirements pending.

Now supplier Digital Alert Systems said it will provide a free firmware upgrade to support Common Alerting Protocol compliance in its DASDEC units.

“This upgrade, which will now be included as a standard part of each new DASDEC system, is available at no charge to existing customers, allowing them to fulfill the anticipated EAS CAP requirements easily — all in a single box, and without the need to purchase any additional equipment,” the company stated.

The update is via downloadable firmware and will be available to existing DASDEC-I and DASDEC-II customers as soon as final FEMA/FCC CAP requirements are announced.

Business Development Manager Bill Robertson said DAS was a founding member of the EAS-CAP Industry Group.