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DAS Provides Unique EAS/AES Product

NAB Sneak Peek: R198 is multichannel switch/converter

Digital Alert Systems will bring the new R198 Local/Network-Controlled Multichannel AES Switch/Converter to Vegas.

DAS calls this a unique product for facilities looking to upgrade their analog EAS systems to operate in a multichannel AES digital audio world.

“The R198 makes it easy to convert any unbalanced stereo audio signal and present it as the common ‘B side’ of four independent A/B (2×1) balanced AES audio channels,” it states.

“Using synchronous electronic switching for glitch-free performance with no pops or clicks, each AES channel ensures seamless program switching of any AES audio stream. Each AES channel also features a fail-safe bypass relay, thus maintaining primary program signal integrity in the event of a power failure.”

Each AES switch is controllable by contact closures or a TCP/IP (Ethernet) LAN interface, making it suitable for use with automation or legacy EAS gear. The R198 Web server allows broadcasters to configure and operate the unit from a Web browser on standard platform without special software or cables.

Also new at DAS are added features in the DASDEC series of EAS/CAP devices including expanded filtering options and an improved user interface.

NAB Show Booth: C3346