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Davicom Has New MAC Accessories

NAB Sneak Peek: AM/FM broadcast monitor and digital audio detector soon to be available

Davicom’s AM/FM Broadcast Monitor adds AM and FM signal monitoring capability to the Davicom MAC line of remote products.

The FMBM can monitor AM and FM signal strength and power, AM modulation index, FM peak multiplex deviation, FM carrier frequency, stereo pilot, L & R audio, RDS strings, all with user-defined threshold levels. It has high- and low-level inputs to accommodate on-site and off-air monitoring. The FMBM interfaces to the Davicom MAC through a simple USB connection.

Davicom also has upgraded MAC firmware MacComm software. Version 5.46 adds functionality such as PPP operation (for IP over telephone connections), installs an onboard SNMP manager for interconnection to various site devices (including transmitters), adds a configurable home page on the MAC’s Web server and provides an improved interface with the FMBM.

The new AEDS is an AES/EBU detector-switcher. It adds digital audio detection and switching capability to the Davicom MAC line of products. The AEDS has dual digital AES/EBU audio inputs. A third audio input (analog) is available as a final backup source. Interface with MAC equipment is through a USB connection.

NAB Booth: C1113