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Davicom Has Next-Generation MACs

Davicom Has Next-Generation MACs

Davicom said it will display an updated line of MAC remote monitoring and control systems. Features include secure, 128-bit encrypted IP communications for LAN, WAN, Internet; the system can accommodate two modems, for example one as a primary link using landline, and a backup using GSM.
MAC units are bilingual, with one ASCII and one Unicode character set. They allow each user to select the language of choice for MacComm displays and the vocal interface. New units have 128 timers allowing users to program AM day/night pattern changes, to set up multiple alarm-call rosters for vacations, normal-duty, special occasions, etc.
There are also more virtual logic gates, so users can program more conditional actions and complex logic functions; 128 configurable virtual relays allow users to set up additional relay command actions without using actual physical relays.
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