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Dawnco Goes for Low Noise

Sneak Peek: New LNBs and satellite snuggie lead the way

In Las Vegas, satellite receiver products maker Dawnco will have a new group of LNBs on display for C and Ku band dishes.

According to Dawnco, the new blocks have improved 1 dB compression and phase noise specs. They should also prove energy efficient, consuming 250 mA.

For the well-appointed satellite dish, Dawnco has two new products.

Coversat is custom-designed for the face of a dish. It will prevent an accumulation of ice and snow. Heatsat is designed for the back of the dish. It heats the dish to melt snow and ice and to prevent accumulation as well. Heatsat kits can be fitted to existing dishes. The kit contains specialized heat element tape along with precipitation and temperature sensors.

Dawnco is also showing 3.7-meter dishes under $2,000. The eight-petal fiberglass dishes are designed for portability.

NAB Show Booth: SU6813

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