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DaySequerra Calls It a Day for M3

David Day wants to see them crushed

David Day, president of DaySequerra, doesn’t like failure but he feels that is what the M3 tuner turned out to be.

In fact he feels so strongly about it that he wants them all back, out of the field. To accomplish that he’s offering a trade-up to the M4.2S, a product he has no doubts about.

According to a memo describing the offer, the owner’s M3 plus $1,200 gets three brand new M4.2S tuners, directly from DaySequerra. For more info, contact Claire Boyington, DaySequerra’s customer service manager.

Day says, “The M3 was a failure as a product for many reasons, despite how hard we tried to make it work. I want every M3 back so I can enjoy seeing them crushed.”