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DaySequerra’s M3 Redesigned With Apple ‘Buy Button’

HD Radio Monitor adds numerous other features.

(click thumbnail)DaySequerra will be on the NAB Radio Show exhibit floor with its redesigned M3 HD Radio Monitor.

The M3 now includes front-panel display of the Apple UFID “Buy Button” data, bit error rate (BER) and block error rate (BLER) test results, real-time audio signal-to-noise and carrier-to-noise measurements, and HD Radio transmission attributes such as MPA codec and transmitter service mode.

The M3 will also provide AM frequency response with the addition of a defeatable IBOC AM audio filter.

It contains three AM and FM HD Radio tuners in a single 2RU enclosure, providing a compact unit for HD stations to monitor and alarm their analog, HD-1 and HD-2 through HD-8 Multicast signals and data. Each tuner’s vacuum florescent display (VFD) shows station frequency, HD-1 through HD-8 PAD data and analog RBDS/RDS data.

D-to-A converters are oversampled, and Class-A amplification is used. Each of the M3’s three tuners has balanced analog XLR outputs and a transformer balanced AES3 digital audio output. The digital audio output remains present even when the M3 is tuned to an analog station, providing continuous output for monitoring or recording in the digital environment. An integrated front-panel keyboard lock prevents unauthorized changes to the uit’s settings.

Suited to Arbitron PPM watermark monitoring, the M3 is also the first DaySequerra tuner that can be used worldwide; it offers 100 kHz FM tuning steps, 50 usec FM de-emphasis and 9 kHz AM tuning steps. With a new network port and serial port, the M3’s module and unit firmware can be upgraded in the field.

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