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DEVA Broadcast to Begin Shipping DB45 and DB46 in July

Compact units monitor FM and DAB signals

DEVA Broadcast will begin shipping its DB45 and DB46 monitors in July.

With a DSP-based core and a compact, practical design, FM signal monitor DB45 promises accurate parameter measurement, including the RF level, MPX deviation, MPX power, left and right audio levels, RDS, and pilot injection levels.

Upon demodulation of the FM signal, the SDR FM tuner digitizes the RF signal and all processing is achieved through algorithm calculations, explains the company. The DB45 also features an “easy-to-use” web interface, a built-in audio streamer, which lets users listen to and record audio from any station, and TCP/IP (GSM connectivity is optional) for remote monitoring.

The DB46 DAB monitor, which DEVA says is developed on the same principle of combining reliability and practicality, is ETSI EN 300 401 DAB standard compliant. It supports AAC, AAC+, MP3 and RTP and is compatible with various media platforms, including Icecast and Shoutcast. DB46 also supports Program Associated Data, standard bitrates and VBR, as well as automatically displaying live metadata.

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The unit monitors and logs signal information in addition to left and right audio level values, thus allowing users to analyze data at a later date. Configuration and control can be accessed through the front-panel menu or remotely through a PC, tablet or smart phone via a standard web browser. Android and iOS devices are also supported.