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DHD 52/TX Features Flexibility

With a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, the mixer is particularly suited for small applications

LEIPZIG, Germany — DHD has released the 52/TX, a tabletop control surface/utility mixer designed for news desks, editing suites and SNGs.

The mixer is dominated by a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, two assignable potentiometers and six programmable hardware buttons. It is particularly suited for small applications.

With a dedicated microphone input, headphone output, talkback mic and loudspeaker, the company says that the 52/TX is always ready for telephone interviews and dubbing, and also serves as a talkback unit or monitoring controller.

With the Toolbox8 configuration software users can create an individual mixer layout as per requirements. It’s possible to define number and size of faders, buttons, functions and peak meters to show signal levels.
The 52/TX can be used with any of the current DHD DSP cores as a standalone mixing console or as extension of a larger DHD system.

For information, contact DHD in Germany at +49-341-589702-0 or visit